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Baseball signatures of famous baseball players have always had a great appeal for collectors. The Hall of Fame stars like Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente, Ty Cobb and Lou Gehrig who had outstanding careers always had even more appeal for baseball autographs collectors. Players with great careers who did not make the Hall of Fame also have great appeal to collectors. These include Roger Maris, Thurman Munson, Tony Conigliaro and many more. Baseball autographs are often found in old time autograph books, which were used by autograph "hounds" to chase players for their autographs. One of the best ways to assure authenticity is to find one of these old books, chock full of baseball autographs. The original collector stuck this book in the face of a baseball player and usually got an instant autograph. You are almost always assured of the authenticity of any autographs in an old autograph book. However, be careful. Forgers will easily find an old blank autograph book, remove pages, and forge pages individually. Be sure you buy from recognized dealers only. A recognized dealer has the knowledge you need to be assured you are buying an authentic item.
Old time baseball autographed photographs are especially prized and scarce. However, you should also be careful with vintage signed wire photos. They were not signed very often, and there are just so many in the market now. Letters, checks and documents signed by Hall of Fame players are highly prized by collectors. Handwritten letters with interesting content are among the most prized autograph items by baseball autographs collectors. Occasionally contracts appear in the autograph marketplace. These are also highly desirable and are a good way of assuring authenticity of the autograph. Autographed baseballs are of course at the top of many collectors lists. Authenticity of course, is the major concern of all autograph collectors. Be certain the dealer you are buying from is experienced and trustworthy. BE SURE that the dealer is a dealer member of at least one of the professional autograph dealer associations. (UACC, IADA, Manuscript Society). Be VERY CAREFUL of internet auction sites. If you are an inexperienced collector, make sure that you get some professional advice before making any purchases on the internet auction sites. The internet auctions are like the wild west. There is no law and order there. If you are going to mat and frame your autograph items, then make sure your framer uses acid free mat. This will protect your items properly.

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BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL if you want to buy baseball autographs on Internet auction sites. The FBI has stated to me that the forgery problem is greatest there and in current celebrity autographs. Baseball collectors should be extremely careful in this area. Often sellers of baseball autographs will have a photo of themselves with the star. This is no guarantee that the autograph you will be receiving is authentic. Many sellers on internet auction sites do not honor refund requests. Be very careful. Be certain your seller is a real autograph dealer and not some fly by night hustler who sells only on internet auctions. These types of sellers have popped up regularly in the last 7-8 years looking for easy money. These seller can have very "official" looking COA's, but check out the reputation of the seller before spending your money.

Baseball autographs have been among the most popular forms of autograph collecting for many years. The collecting of baseball signatures has many pitfalls, but can be very rewarding for those who take the time to study and learn about autograph collecting. Use caution, ask questions, do not look for bargains because they are not out there. The demand for baseball autographs is so strong that bargains are not there. You cannot buy Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig autographs for a fraction of their true market value.

If you have baseball autographs to sell, please send me a list of what you have to sell. I will need to see images of what you have. I will get back to you as soon as possible about your baseball autographs. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

BASEBALL AUTOGRAPH ITEMS for Sale!- new inventory

    I refer to Exhibit cards in this list, they are cards that were sold in vending machines, heavy cardboard stock, postcard size, blank back, with a nice picture of the player.
  • Moe Berg - a type of glossy premium issue (Goudey type) from the 1930's with facsimile signature and beautiful ink signature. Batting pose. 3" x 5 1/2". Attached to nice page from a quality scrapbook. Corners have 1/8" clip on each corner. Beautiful piece with this rare signature. $500
  • Ken Boyer - 1962 Topps card, excellent condition, in St Louis uniform. Beautiful signature across his uniform shirt. $125
  • Ken Boyer - Picture Pak picture, 5x7 glossy, in St Louis uniform. Outstanding signature across his uniform shirt. $165
  • REMEMBER - I buy baseball autographs.
  • Elio Chacon - toughest signature of all the 1962 New York Mets. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 glossy photo. $100
  • Choo Choo Coleman - second toughest signature of all the 1962 New York Mets. 8x10 glossy color photo. $60
  • Tony Conigliaro - 3x5 index card signed on the unlined side. $150
  • Billy Cox - postmarked government postcard. Postmarked Brooklyn, NY Jun 15,1952. $160
  • Gil Hodges - a great piece. Fine signature on blank side of card from Bat-A-Way, which was a batting cage in Brooklyn during the Dodgers playing days. The card lists the address of Bat-A-Way in Brooklyn with the Bat-A-Way logo. $400
  • Elston Howard - fine signature and inscription on postmarked government postcard. Asked about his greatest thrill he replies "Winning the MVP and playing in the World Series. Fine signature. $150
  • Elston Howard - Rowe postcard in Yankee uniform. $150
  • Elston Howard - 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 glossy photo in Yankee uniform. $150
  • Elston Howard - McCarthy postcard in Red Sox uniform. $125
  • Jackie Jensen - signed Exhibit card. $60
  • Frank Kellert - the toughest signature to find of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers and the key to that team's autograph collection. Difficult to find personal check. $295
  • Ted Kluszewski - 1955 Topps card in near Exc condition (no creases) $65
  • Ted Kluszewski - signed Exhibit card. $100
  • Billy Martin - 1960 Topps card in Exc condition. $85
  • Carl Mays - 3x5 index card, signed on unlined side. $220
  • Tom Zachary - famous for being the pitcher who gave up Babe Ruth's 60th Home Run in 1927. Signature on postmarked government postcard. $150

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